Reading is history

Magic of Listening is an audio learning app to help you boost your academic scores by listing high-quality textbook narration and summaries of your lessons in notes form.

You can just put on your earphones and listen to your textbook anytime, anywhere.

If you listen to it while reading the book, the lesson will fit into your memory. Before appearing for the exam, just listen to our notes created by specialised teachers from the SSC board.

Success is just another chapter away!

About ikakey

Ikakey is a unique audio learning platform that provides screenless education for students, working students, and blind students. With ikakey, you can learn without looking at the screen.

Enrich your learning process, enhance your mastery over the portion and excel in your exams with Ikakey. This smart, user-friendly learning app for S.S.C. students contains textbook narration and a summary of your lessons in note form.

Well-structured content, high-quality narration, and notes created by specialized S.S.C. teachers make this app a perfect tool to boost your academic scores.

Audio Lessons

Our audio lessons cover a wide range of subjects, from academic topics to professional skills. We prioritize accessibility, ensuring that our platform is inclusive for all learners.